How can an NFT help you save on your taxes in 2022?

How can an NFT help you save on your taxes in 2022?
Photo by Brian Wangenheim / Unsplash

Did you get rekt on Terra? Here is a huge opportunity to correct the situation. What if I told you that you could not only use our service for free, but even get paid for it? Stay with me.

"Did you get rekt on Terra?" - Heavnn

Few months ago, we launched "Fruits from Heavnn", our exclusive collection of NFTs giving access to all of our services for a lifetime. This collection is limited to 50 fruits forever and is sold for 15,000 USDC per NFT. It includes 1 credit per year for our "Global Remote Setup" package that we offer for 1,445ā‚¬, and is a handy replacement of the 6,000ā‚¬ per fiscalist per country you would visit without our revolutionary service.

Nevertheless, we noticed that most of our customers save more than 15,000$ per year of taxes. With the "Global Remote Setup" package that you can directly use after purchasing the NFT.

You start to get it? Even if you would save less than 15,000$ this year, probably after 2 years it would already be profitable.

At the end of the day, if you were to save 30,000$ of taxes with Handover, you can either:
- Use 15,000 USDC out of your tax savings and get a unique NFT (+ yearly tax planning), valid for life, as an early adopter privilege.
- Or take home your 30,000$ this year (minus the "Global Remote Setup" package price) and watch other early adopters cashing out for free on their tax planning in the next years.

The choice is yours.