Tailor-made tax optimization made easy! ⛰️

We've been collecting feedback for a while and are glad to introduce you to the new Heavnn interface that we hope will help clarify what you can do on the platform and where to find the information.

Heavnn's new primary tabs menu allows you to distinguish between:


This is where you start managing your nomad taxes. From our "Global remote setup" package to plan your taxes before traveling and save thousands of dollars, passing by our brand new Do Your Taxes package to declare your taxes retrospectively, to our incoming Wherever incorporation module to help you determine the best country to incorporate your business, all your actions and simulated scenarios are now clearly presented.

"Playground" menu @ Heavnn

Global overview

Once you approve your "Global remote setup" package, this will help you check at a glance what is your current status and what is happening during your trip. You have an overview of your global taxation and international obligations while working from anywhere.

"Global Overview" menu @ Heavnn

What's next

This is the place where we communicate with you about the actions you have to take, about your situation, and when to take them. This can non-exhaustively be about the power of attorney, or the deadline for tax returns filling.

"What's next" menu @ Heavnn

New digital interviews

We also put tremendous effort to improve the digital interview. Don't miss the opportunity to let Aurelie - our digital assistant - guide you through this necessary process to allow us to compute the best out of your unique and personal situation.

This helps our team and technology to identify the best tax breaks and tax reductions for digital nomads and location-independents.

You already optimized your taxes with our previous interface. We're happy to delight you with this great evolution of our product.