The art of digital invisibility for nomads: location and communications.

The art of digital invisibility for nomads: location and communications.

Geo-independence and digital nomadism are not only about traveling. This is about taking control of and designing YOUR lifestyle. This design exercise can be summarized around three core principles:

  • Your privacy
  • Your freedom
  • Your wealth

As you already know, Heavnn helps you keep the money that you earn by leaving the tax evangelism so that you can build your wealth on your terms.

But in "digital nomad", beware of the word "digital". We are the first generation in the human kind history that can be monitored at such a precise level and working remotely means that your whole life and business can be made accessible directly from your laptop and the web. Being tracked and monitored online also means that someone else could decide what you can do and see on the internet.

This is not to be taken lightly. Cybercriminality is on the rise since 2020 and your digital work setup is precisely your golden card to geo-independence and free travel.

Protect it with your life, as someone said.

"She is being tracked" - Credentials @futurebeyondtechnology

There are various steps to be taken in order to reach an optimum level of digital privacy, from a virtual machine to a high-level password protection, without forgetting your hardware setup and data storage, and many more considerations.

In this article we'll talk about the privacy of your location and communications on the networks that you use to access the internet, by using a VPN.

Across your digital nomad trips, you might be caught into accessing a public WiFi network or simply wanting to access some resources from a host country. Also some regulation and laws make some content very difficult to access remotely.

This is precisely where a VPN becomes useful. A VPN will act as a "tunnel", an extra security layer between your laptop or smartphone in order to access the internet in a more private way and help you hide your current location.

How does a VPN work?

At Heavnn, as digital nomads ourselves, our activities are always shielded behind a VPN. We consider this to be very important in a geo-independent journey and, as such, we're happy to inform you that a VPN option is now included in our "Nomadic package", with NordVPN.

This VPN option is also accessible to our existing clients directly via the Marketplace, with a nice discounted price.

VPN made easy with NordVPN

This is an easy first step towards online invisibility. This topic is often overlooked and can embed serious financial consequences, especially for nomads.

Protect yourself online.