User journey, "What's next?"

User journey, "What's next?"
Photo by Alvaro Reyes / Unsplash

A few weeks ago we released a new display for our customers moving forward and planning their taxes before getting planed themselves.

As a reminder, this section is a semi-automated (handcrafted) list of chronological items to do in order to get your setup configured correctly. In other words, you can see it as the place where Heavnn team communicates with you while taking care of all the paperwork. Here is how it looked before:

Old "What's next" section

Nevertheless, from the feedback we collected, our customers were having trouble with understanding the different steps and chronology. The tasks status was not clear and we could not easily distinguish what was "done" and what was the actual next step.

Doing some researches, we came to the conclusion that a view looking like a roadmap was a clearer approach for presenting our time sensitive items. We explored few examples and arrived to this result that contains:
- Items in a timeline
- Current item is automatically scrolled to the center / past items are scrolled out
- Status are now automatic according to the current date
- We introduced also a "Done/Undo" button for our customers in order to notify us the progressed items

The new "What's next" timeline and automated status on laptop

And of course, since horizontal layout are not very mobile friendly, a special vertical one has been thought for your smartphones.

The new "What's next" timeline on mobile

We want to thank again our fellow digital nomads and users for their kind and straightforward feedbacks helping us making Heavnn an always more delightful experience!